Equipment Financing for Highway, Bridge & Road Construction

February 9, 2022

Construction companies are integral to the development of our communities and they require an extensive amount of equipment. Highways, bridges and roads are fundamental to our societies and are our means of transportation. 

As housing areas keep growing and there is a need for greater infrastructure, construction companies have to explore the option of equipment financing to keep up with the growing market and their competition. 

Blue Capital Equipment Finance helps construction companies that specialize in highway, bridge and road construction grow their business. Whether your business requires heavy machinery to move equipment, concrete, or asphalt for the job, we can help you acquire the right equipment! 

What type of equipment can I lease? 

Road construction equipment can be a financial hit to your construction company, especially when you don’t see it coming. Machinery wears out and eventually breaks down and it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. Leasing heavy equipment, however, allows your business to maintain its capital.

What is equipment financing?

When a construction company needs access to heavy machinery or other industry-specific equipment, they may choose to finance the items. Equipment financing focuses on small business loans for the purchase of equipment. 

A subset of equipment financing is equipment leasing. Similar to leasing a car, this type of financing allows a construction company to make monthly payments on equipment. Instead of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for a piece of equipment, leasing allows companies to benefit from the latest and best equipment without completely depleting cash flow. 

With equipment financing, you can free up additional lines of credit and even benefit from equipment financing tax incentives. Click here if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of equipment financing

Flexible financing solutions 

Blue Capital is not restricted by traditional bank regulations which means that we can offer flexible financing. 

Funding options typically cover nearly every piece of construction equipment, including heavy machinery, furniture, and operating vehicles. As a result, any businesses that take advantage of these financing solutions can buy essential equipment through equipment leasing plans at lower interest rates than other lending options.

Blue Capital offers many different types of equipment financing options. We have plans for businesses that are seasonal, subject to market trends, depending on the length of projects or need to refinance. 

Experienced team with equipment 

Our team of experts actively keeps up to date with industry trends so that they can better help you choose the most reliable equipment for the job. We don’t only know about equipment financing, we know lots about your industry as well. 

Blue Capital Equipment Finance is a nationwide finance brokerage that has years of experience helping businesses grow with equipment financing. We can help you easily get approved with zero down payment options and low-interest rates. We have multiple finance options and can help you find the right loan for your business so that you don’t have to let old, and unreliable equipment slow you down. You can bring equipment to us or use our wide network to find your business’s next commercial vehicle or equipment.