Everything You Need to Know About Pup Trailers

December 7, 2021

If you’ve ever noticed a dump truck pulling a smaller trailer behind them, you’re probably wondering what it’s called. Well, that is a pup trailer. It gets its name because it’s on a “leash” behind the primary truck. 

A pup trailer is generally used by freight companies when they need to ship less-than-truckload cargo. pup trailers have a lower load capacity than a regular truck’s cargo capacity, making them an excellent addition to a company’s fleet. 

Pup trailers can take many forms, there are semi-pup trailers, double pup trailers, and the list goes on! 

If you are unsure of the potential benefits of a pup trailer, keep reading to learn more about them and see if you need to add one to your vehicle lineup! If you think your company needs one but it’s not possible with your budget, no problem. Blue Capital is an experienced equipment financing company that can help add a pup trailer to your fleet. 

What is a pup trailer?

A pup trailer is similar to a typical semi-trailer, but it is shorter, usually ranging from 26 to 32 ft long. They can come with a single axle, two axles or a tri-axle, and are mainly used to transport soil, construction debris and sand. 

Many bulk cargo transporters use pup trailers to maximize the payload without compromising the handling and maneuverability of the standard dump truck in front of it.

There are two different categories of pup trailers; dead pup and live pup trailers. Let’s find out the difference between the two. 

Dead pup trailers 

While it may sound kind of strange, a dead pup trailer simply refers to a pup trailer that has no power source such as a pneumatic motor or hydraulic system. It solely relies on the power of the truck pulling it.

Live pup trailers 

A live pup trailer features hydraulic cylinders which means it has its own power supply, independent of the truck pulling it. This means that they can unload themselves and do not require external manual forces to do so. 

The benefits of pup trailers 

You may think that pup trailers won’t have a positive effect on your business, however, they have many that you should consider. 

Improve productivity 

Pup trailers allow cargo and heavy equipment hauling companies to make deliveries to multiple clients in one drive. A pup trailer will enable you to reduce the number of trips your drivers make which will save you time and money.

Maximize payload

Without pup trailers, loads would have to be carried separately, which doubles the number of trucks on the road. Pup trailers allow haulers to maximize their payload and decrease the number of trucks on the road. 

Decrease your emissions 

Since pup trailers decrease the number of trucks on road, it reduces the carbon emissions that come from the exhaust. This decreases the industry’s impact on air pollution, as well as fuel consumption. 

How to finance a pup trailer

Blue Capital Equipment Finance is a nationwide financing company that has years of experience helping businesses grow with equipment financing and commercial truck financing. We can help you locate pup trailers through our established network of truck and trailer dealers.

We offer many financial services and can help you easily get approved with zero down payment options and low-interest rates. We have multiple leasing options and can help you find the right loan for your business so that you can utilize pup trailers to improve your productivity!