How many different skid steer attachments are there?

September 15, 2022

Skid steers are the rugged Swiss army knives of construction equipment, period. 

The main goal of using skid steer attachments on these pieces of equipment is to minimize the amount of time and effort of intensive labour. 

We provide a quick guide on some commonly used skid steer attachments for various industries and where they are best applied. 

What is a Skid Steer Attachment?

A skid steer attachment is a specific kind of working tool that’s applied to the hydraulic arm of a skid steer. Different manufacturers provide different attachments depending on the purpose they are needed for. Overall, they are designed to add to the versatility of this machine. 

The more skid steer attachments you have = the more jobs you can do. 


Buckets are broad skid steer attachments which come in all shapes and sizes. Tasks for buckets include loading and moving loads of dirt or gravel, or to even flattening loads of dirt - provided the bucket has a straight edge. Buckets with bucket teeth can be used for deeper digging tasks as well. 


Amazingly enough, a skid steer can be converted into a versatile backhoe loader. With a backhoe arm skid steer attachment along with a bucket in the front, you can avoid renting or buying more equipment by tackling numerous construction and landscaping tasks with a skid steer. 


Broom attachments are used to clean worksites exponentially faster. There are a few different types of brooms like sweeper-style, utility, and angle brooms. Angle brooms are the better skid steer attachments for cleaning areas like city roads and parking lots.


As the name implies, these skid steer attachments are excellent for chopping through foliage and brush. They can mow through material up to about 8 inches in diameter, which takes care of small trees, bushes and even for grass, making it a breeze to maintain parks and footpaths. 


Did you ever want to save time on preparing soil? That’s where tiller attachments come in. These skid steer attachments are used to effortlessly break up the ground and smooth out uneven terrain for planting. These are must-have tools for landscapers.


Rakes are a popular choice amongst landscapers, farmers and general construction companies. These skid steer attachments are used to prepare the soil, smooth out the terrain, and maintain turf and lawn.   

Rakes come in various sizes for different tasks, depending on the industry. It’s good to consult a specialist if you’re considering one for your business. 


Trenchers are specific skid steer attachments designed to dig small trenches for construction or landscaping. These can be great for drainage ditches, footings, irrigation or even for electrical. 


Hydraulic augers safely dig holes for fencing, footings or tree planting, foregoing manual labour. Depending on the conditions you work in, you may need more pounds of torque, such as in industrial environments.  

Snow Pushers

Depending on how your winters are, you may need a snow pusher. There’s nothing like having a snow plow when it’s most needed. This skid steer attachment can turn your machine into an exceptional roadway and driveway clearer in the worst winters!


Hydraulic hammers are exceptional skid steer attachments for breaking rock, materials or hard ground. This isn’t required for everyone, but consider this attachment if you’re needing some breaking power onsite. 

Cold Planers

If you’re doing precise paving work, a cold planer could be a worthwhile investment. They are multipurpose tools, used in a range of road construction tasks such as pavement removal or even stripping street paint. 


If you’re in landscaping you would know the value of a mulcher skid steer attachment. The mulcher contains spinning teeth inside a drum to grind through vegetation and small trees and turn them into fine mulch. 


If you’ve ever found yourself short a forklift, then you may want to consider having fork attachments for your skid steer. Excellent tools for warehouses, storehouses or work yards, fork skid steer attachments will grant you the moving power possible to ensure your work is done safely and on time. 

Manufacturers supply various types of forks like lumber forks, depending on the work you need to be accomplished.  

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