How to Choose the Ideal Dump Truck to Finance for Your Company

August 5, 2022

A reliable dump truck is a must-have across mining, construction and transport industries. It’s estimated that dump truck services will reach over $20 billion by 2025. 

At Blue Captial, we’ve prepared a list to consider when looking to finance your new big rig. 

Dump Truck Body Styles

Typically the market is ruled by three body styles: traditional rectangle, half-round, and semi-elliptical dump trucks. 

The triangle type will offer more surface area and load spread compared to the others. The body is stronger and more agile, as it’s easier to control your dump truck when the load has a lower center of gravity. 

Half-round dump trucks are more durable than the rectangle style. The steel has a lighter weight and a better payload capacity due to its curved, semi-circular shape. This design also prevents materials from getting stuck, allowing for a uniform dump. Depending on how rigid the load is, these trucks can have reduced capacity when carrying crates, palates or other square objects since the truck bed isn’t flat. 

The semi-elliptical dump trucks are a hybrid between the rectangular and half-round trucks. They feature a tub-like style that offers a flat bottom while retaining a curved haul like the rounded dump truck beds. 

Body Metal Material

Dump truck bodies are constructed with two main materials: steel and aluminum. The appropriate metal is the one which is best suited for what the dump truck is carrying. 

Dump trucks made of aluminum will offer an excellent solution for lighter-weight, non-abrasive materials. It’ll be less corrosive than steel and offer more room for your payload, but they do cost more to repair. Steel will be great for asphalt, gravel, concrete and other abrasive materials. Steel beds come in many grades and are much heavier than aluminum. 

Engine Type & Power

It’s not worth wasting money on an engine that’s too small and doesn’t offer enough horsepower. When financing any dump truck, it’s worth getting a little extra horsepower than you anticipate your need so you don’t overstress the engine. 

Dump truck engines range from about 300 to 600 horsepower. If you’re hauling smaller loads on flat terrain, then a less powerful engine is needed. If you’re planning on driving on steep, hilly roads with large loads, you’ll want to aim for more power. 

If you’re not sure what engine horsepower is optimal for your operation, you can always consult us

Axel Requirements & Hauling 

Federal regulations limit the amount of gross weight a dump truck can carry based on the number of axels in the truck. These laws are put in place for safety and to protect roads and highways. The GVWR or gross vehicle weight rating is the maximum specified operating weight from the manufacturer. In essence, the fewer the number of axels, the less weight it’s permitted to carry. 

Try to plan on what kinds of loads you’ll carry ahead of time to ensure you have the correct amount of axels on your dump truck. 

Dump Truck Transmission Type

There are a few transmission types such as manual, automatic and automated-manual transmission. 

The most popular are manual transmissions because of their wider range of gears available. If the driver has complete control over the truck, the easier it is for the operator to set the engine speed for each task. Multi-speed reversing can be useful for backing up for long distances, whereas lower gears will be able to give the truck enough power to climb hills without stalling. 

Automatic transmissions can be more accommodating for inexperienced drivers. These dump trucks can be pricier than manual transmissions, but drivers tend to be less fatigued operating them. This may be an asset for senior drivers and drivers who are operating all day. 

A lesser-known transmission called an automated manual transmission (or AMT) mergers the best qualities of manuals and automatics and wraps them into one. Actuators and electric sensors shift for you instead of using a clutch pedal and hand gear shifting. However, it still uses a manual gearbox and clutch system, granting the driver more control over the dump truck. 

Financing Your Dump Truck With A Reputable Company

Now you’re all set: you know some key elements to look out for while finding your dump truck. If you’re looking for a great company to finance your new rig with, we can help you right here at Blue Capital. We offer a vast selection of vehicles, including dump trucks, all at the lowest possible interest rates. Check out our new and used commercial trucks today.