Modern Farming - The Main Benefits of Financing a Tractor

July 18, 2022

At Blue Capital we get it, buying equipment outright is expensive. If you’re in the agriculture industry, you know you may need a new tractor to fulfill your growing farm’s needs. Controlling this vital piece of equipment will mechanize most labour-inducing tasks and put you on track to fulfilling your farming goals. 

Based on efficiency alone, it makes financing tractors a viable option. Equipment financing at Blue Capital can help you secure the asset for a fraction of the upfront cost. 

Benefits of Using a Tractor

Modern tractors are versatile and can accomplish several tasks you throw at them. From ploughing, tilling, fertilizing and planting fields, tractors are workhorse machines that are available in a wide range of options. 

Additional Efficiency 

Consider how much easier tasks would be with a tractor at your disposal. Instead of relying on farm animals and your physical strength, you can ease the workload. Considering that over 38% of available land on the Earth’s surface is used for agriculture, this will save you an immense amount of time on your farm. Tractors can be utilized with cultivators, sprayers, threshers and more to make farming considerably more convenient. 

A Range of Options 

Fortunately, you have plenty of choices when it comes to financing a tractor. They come in several sizes outfitted for particular tasks. A subcompact tractor, for example, may be all you need for landscaping tasks like digging, pulling and ploughing gardening areas. This type of machine might be all you need for a small orchard. 

If you own a farm, diesel or utility tractors will be your best bet. These tractors are more powerful, ranging from about 45 to 110 horsepower and can be outfitted with farming implements to accomplish various agricultural tasks. 

Whether or not you’d like more gears, a quiet operation, or a comfortable cabin for extended work periods, you’ll have the benefit of picking your preference amongst the financing options.

Power & Longevity

Farming tractors are critically designed for the toughest of jobs. Their powerful, high horsepower engines are developed to pull heavy loads for landscaping, year after year. Modern tractor models are outfitted with cast-iron front axels, which makes them both strong and long-lasting. 

Why Finance A Tractor?

So you understand some core benefits of having an asset like a tractor on your farm. Financing is a reliable method to borrow or purchase an asset without upfront cash. When it comes to financing, there are some excellent advantages to consider. 

You Get Full Use of a Tractor Right Away

What’s great about financing is that your farm directly benefits right away by getting to use that equipment immediately. Remember all of the benefits that we mentioned? Now, you can reap the rewards of increased farm efficiency, more equipment power, and less physical labour when you have the tractor working on your land right away.

Affordable & Predictable Payments

Out-of-reach equipment can now be accessible through financing. This way, you can spread your tractor payments comfortably over a period of time such as 24, 36, or 48 months for instance. 

We even have a convenient loan calculator on our website so you can estimate your payments with us when you consider financing. 

Other Financing Benefits

If you’ve found a piece of equipment you’d like to finance, consider some of the other financing benefits that your farming venture can profit from. 

  • You can expand your farming enterprise by having the proper tractor for each task.
  • Financing expenses can be tax deducted. These can be written off quickly against your business income, rather than waiting for a fixed asset to be amortized. 
  • You can save time by having a more efficient tractor that completes every task faster with reduced labour costs.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of buying a questionable preowned or used tractor and going through the entire buying process. 
  • You also can avoid breakdowns due to improper equipment use if you’re using a subcompact tractor for a diesel tractor job. 
  • You build your credit score for your business’s future financing or loan needs. 

Are you ready to get your financing journey started? We execute easy-to-understand equipment financing at the lowest possible rates for companies in the U.S. and Canada. Ensure to explore our heavy equipment options available to you today.