What Are the Top Models of International Trucks I Should Finance?

August 8, 2022

It’s exciting to be a new owner-operator of your next commercial-grade truck. You may have already scoped out a few reputable trucking brands and noticed International Trucks on the list. In this article, we’ll discuss what International trucks offer in terms of models and value for your operation. 

Who are International Trucks?

They originally started in 1902 producing medium to heavy commercial trucks. Navistar International Corporation holds the International Trucks brand name since 1986. Their large operation is impressive, with nearly 1,000 dealer outlets worldwide including in countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. With 120 years of experience, their truck makes and models are known to be durable and reliable through the test of time. 

Their A26 engine is one of the most fuel-efficient commercial engines on the market, being the only engine testing over 8mpg in hilly terrain. The engine is also very lightweight and produces 515 horsepower and 1850 lbs of torque. It has warranties covering up to 7 years or 700,000miles. Its performance has been a brand staple since its inception. 

What Models/Series Does International Trucks Offer?

International Trucks have a solid reputation, but what can they offer to your business? As expected, international has dozens of models depending on the operation at hand. 

LT Series - Heavy Duty

If you’re looking for a well-researched hauling truck, the LT series is what you’ll want to look at. International Trucks made these driver-centric vehicles for delivering long haul, local and intermodal. Hundreds of drivers helped shape its design with a meticulous study of over 500 driver interaction areas including ergonomics, comfort elements, and even driver sleep. This illustrates International Trucks' commitment to drivers and business needs first. Additionally, They are outfitted with their A26 & Cummins X15 engines for increased performance. 

MV & Electric MV Series - Medium Duty

Considering the entire ecosystem, the Electric MV Series from International Trucks is a compelling offering. Bringing their years of experience and trucking knowledge, they were able to build a 335hp model with a running battery capacity of 135miles (217km) for mid-range duty.

A huge pro of the innovative EMV series is that the maintenance schedule is practically non-existent. There’s no engine oil, transmission maintenance, and fuel filters to worry about. Additionally, International Trucks added a customizable vehicle health report via their OnCommand Connection toll. This monitors metrics such as range, plug-in status, battery states and more. 

If your operation isn’t able to make the jump to the EMV, International Trucks offers the original MV series. It’s meant for utility work and is corrosive-resistant to withstand tasks such as snow plowing. It features an electrical system called Truck Diamond Logic to program automated tasks for increased safety. 

HX & HV Series - Severe Duty

If you’re in mining, construction, or any other demanding job site, the HX series is worth a look. The HX services are designed to endure the most punishing of job sites. The HX is designed for applications in concrete, construction, heavy haul, heavy wrecker and logging worksites. The GVW is higher for the HX series, reaching 92,000lbs. Its strength and durability make it ready for just about anything. 

The HV is similar but designed for uptime and productivity. Its cab is designed with driver and company feedback in mind, similar to the LT series. Its weight rating is slightly lower - up to 73,000lbs - so it’ll still be a solid choice for construction but the HV series shines for municipal or utility work as well. 

Consult With Us To Discuss Your Options

There are many more series of International Trucks on the market. By highlighting a few of their top series, we hope that it informs your next decision in regards to your big rig investment. If you’re still confused about your options, you can always consult us so we can help match a vehicle for your operation’s needs. 

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