What’s the Purpose of Leasing a Fertilizer Spreader?

July 15, 2022

Crop fertilization has been a technique used by humans for thousands of years. Small mixtures of organic fertilizer have always been available, but in the past hundred years, there’s been a technological boom in farming. Chemical fertilizers are now widely used in the agricultural market. The result of this means that farmers need advanced fertilizer spreaders. 

This fertilization method has become common practice today as these machines have grown ever more efficient and precise. Today, we’ll discuss what a fertilizer spreader is, the different forms they’re available in, and the advantages of leasing such an integral farming machine. 

What is a Fertilizer Spreader?

Also called farm or agriculture spreaders, fertilizer spreaders are pieces of equipment that apply a fast, even coat of fertilizer on fields or lawns. The end goal is for farmers to obtain the best harvest possible while distributing minerals evenly in the soil. They come in different forms but they contain 4 main components such as the hopper, the distributor, the dispenser and the drive. 

Fertilizer spreaders come in the form of a full-fledged tractor, a trailer, or as a standalone attachment to a vehicle. It’s even possible to rent or lease one if you only need to fertilize occasionally. 

Do They Come in Different Forms?

Yes, there are multiple types of farming fertilizer spreaders that all operate differently. 

Spinner or Centrifugal Fertilizer Spreaders

These are the most widely used and well-known spreaders. Beginning at a lower price point, spinner spreaders use a single disk or two double spinning disks to distribute fertilizer easily. The disks are concave and spin at adjustable speeds that toss granules mechanically. A single-disc machine uses one of these rotating discs and doesn’t cover as much area. Double disc fertilizers use two counter-rotating discs to make a more symmetrical spread, ensuring crops get the same treatment. In either machine, the force used can be gravity or forced extraction. 

With the spinner spreaders, farmers have to be careful while calibrating their spreaders correctly. This is mostly dependent on the fertilizer particle size and its density. Less dense particles cannot handle higher spin speeds. This is because they become pulverized and become a cloud of powder before hitting the ground. The reverse is true with dense material, as it needs a higher spin speed to spread father. The equipment should have a chart somewhere displayed to determine the maximum spinning rotations per minute (RPM). Ensuring the correct machine calibration is essential for a spinning fertilizer spreader and getting the most out of your device. 

Pneumatic Fertilizer Spreaders

The more advanced and expensive option is pneumatic fertilizer spreaders. These machines use long booms and arms to achieve fertilization widths of up to 24 meters. This allows the machines to precisely distribute micro granules with less waste compared to a spinner. Pneumatic spreaders are far more pricey but they are very useful on predominantly large farms which need to cover a wide area. As a plus, some models have collapsable arms to make storing them easier while they aren’t in use. 

Why Leasing a Fertilizer Spreader is a Good Call

There are plenty of benefits if you’re considering leasing farming equipment. 

Modern farming fertilizer spreaders don’t come cheap and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Like purchasing any piece of large equipment, it’s going to put a strain on current cash reserves. Leasing allows you to keep more of your money today while being able to acquire the equipment you need now, all while arranging payment terms that are agreeable to you. 

Leasing a fertilizer spreader may allow you to use an updated model. For example, you may have an older single spinner spreader in use. By leasing, you could afford a more efficient model, such as a newer double-disc or pneumatic spreader. Consider your leasing options with the size of your farm and how much ground needs fertilizer. 

If you’re interested in leasing a fertilizer spreader, you can get always start the process and get approved by us today.