What does a truck pup stand for and why you may need one?

October 31, 2022

What is a Truck Pup Trailer?

A truck pup trailer is simply like a semi-trailer, but shorter and smaller. Pup trailers usually measure only 26 to 32 feet in length and have a single axle (although some have 2). 

You’ve likely seen them a lot on the road and highways. Haulers use them to transport a little extra soil, sand, or other construction material. Similar to heavy equipment, they are usually operated through a hydraulic line controlled by the main dump truck using a hitch system or an electric motor. 

The main draw for transport companies to use truck pup trailers is to maximize payload without compromising on the handling of the dump truck pulling it.

There tend to be two types of truck pup trailers: live and dead. Dead truck pup trailers have no power source and tend to be less expensive. Live trailers have a power source featuring hefty hydraulic cylinders which are independent of the truck’s power. These self-reliant pup trailers can unload by themselves. 

The Reasons Why Truck Pup Trailers Are Used

There are several benefits to using truck pup trailers. These benefits are not just exclusive to freight companies, but also to city infrastructure and the environment. 

Advantages For Hauling Companies

The main draw for truck pup trailers is to maximize load efficiency. Partial loads that would be sent on a separate haul can easily be done on a single trip using a pup trailer. It’s good news for transport companies who have a couple of clients near each other within a region. Reducing the number of trips equals less money spent on fuel and time savings for companies.

Advantages For Overall Infrastructure

If every trailer turned out to be an additional truck on the road, could you imagine how crowded shipping thoroughfares would be?

In short, truck pups help reduce the sheer volume of trucks on the road. Wiggle trucks with these smaller trailers sustain driver maneuverability and control. With fewer trucks on the road, traffic time is significantly decreased and dangerous trucking accidents are less likely to occur. 

Advantages For the Environment

Bridging from the last point, fewer trucks equals fewer carbon emissions. 

A recent study by the University of Toronto concluded that the percentage of older freight trucks greatly contributes to air pollution rather than the sheer volume of road vehicles. 

Goods however still need to be distributed. Utilizing truck pups on newer truck models helps reduce the number of toxic fumes released into the air. Thinking on a larger scale, fewer trucks driving reduces fuel consumption and alleviates pressure on limited fuel resources. 

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